What’s the difference between seeding and sodding?

What’s the difference between seeding and sodding?

This is an important landscaping question for both residential and commercial property owners, when they want the best looking lawn at a price they can afford! Sodding is essentially transplanting a mature turf that has been cared for by a professional. Seeding involves the same process used in the establishment of sod and can be accomplished by a professional or the homeowner, although the number of challenges present with seeding can make the entire process frustrating for a homeowner to try alone.

Which do you need: seeding or sodding?

Seeding is nice because it gives you move grass types and varieties to choose from, as well as offering a stronger root system and ultimately a less expensive alternative to a strong, healthy lawn than sodding. Unfortunately, the initial establishment is long. Moisture is critical, which makes it difficult to maintain in the late summer and early fall when results are best but rainfall is light.

Sodding can offer rapid establishment and relatively few weeds right from the beginning. This is an excellent choice for slopes and areas prone to erosion, and establishment is not limited to just the late summer and early fall; any time during the growing season is a good time for sodding. The drawbacks to sodding are the price and the smaller selection of grasses.

If you have doubts or questions, always consult a professional before starting any work. They deal with these issues on a daily basis and could offer insight that could help you in seasons to come!

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